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Our Approach

At ECL, we understand that the cyber landscape is broad and dynamic – no single or static plan can provide any meaningful or lasting protection. We understand that each step on the journey has unique requirements and challenges. Our key tenets guide us to providing the services that an organisation needs at any stage in their journey towards a secure and functional operations environment.

Our Approach Prioritise


Organisations need to prioritise their critical assets and greatest risks. In this way, defenders can ensure the best utilisation of time and money for maximum risk reduction.

Our engineers are trained and equipped to work with stakeholders to prioritise critical assets and assess cyber risk in accordance with NZ and international standards. On that basis, a defence-in-depth roadmap can be determined, tailored to the specific requirements of the organisation.

Our Approach Collaborate


Everyone that we interface with has a different perspective when it comes to the management of risk.

Our use of the NIST Cyber Security Framework provides a common language for understanding, managing, and expressing cybersecurity risk, both internally and externally. It can be used to help identify and prioritise actions for reducing cybersecurity risk, and it is a tool for aligning policy, business, and technological approaches to managing that risk.

Our depth of knowledge and experience in both operational technology (OT) and IT domains allows us to effectively communicate and directly work with technical and non-technical stakeholders across the entire organisation.

Our Approach Culture


Creating a culture of cyber security and building a workforce aware of best practices is of key importance. From operations to maintenance to projects to financial to IT - all have a role to play in the management of cyber risk.

Companies that develop a strong risk-aware culture see decreased risk due to the increased knowledge gained within the organisation.

Cyber risk is much more than a technology problem. Building effective cyber resilience must have its roots within the organisation - its people and culture. We can help you to develop this culture.

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Our team offer a full range of services in the interest of securing industrial control systems.